Fantom GFORCE 3 Pro 2-22TB External Hard Drive: Speedy Storage for Content Creators

        One of the greatest purchases ever. I’d rate this 10 out of 5 stars. It’s unbelievable it’s at what, a 4.2? Happy with the 18tb version, I figure if I needed more space I’d get a 2nd one. I’ve only used like 3tb total with streams & Unreal content. Everything has been saved just fine, and I work Unreal projects right off of it with no lag, it just needs to be stored properly otherwise if you do half and half, the drive may fall asleep and cause lag. Pretty sure you may run games off it it too alright although it’d be preferable to run straight from PC. I was a little skeptical at first with the mixed reviews/rating, but I’m so glad I got it. – Normal for an 18tb to read as 16tb, the bytes is still there, so don’t worry about it. If it’s ever in stock I’d jump at it before it goes out of stock again.

–       To put into perspective just how much 3tb space is it’s like 3 Unreal Engines, a handful of samples/nearly 1tb worth of marketplace assets/ over 13,000 videos. & You could do a simple google search and see how much places are asking every month just to store your files, it’s ridiculous. I’d put a 2nd alternative to Fantom but it’s been so good for everything, I have 0 complaints. It is incredibly quick I don’t care what bad reviews are out.

Fantom Gforce External Drive 18tb 22tb pic

The Fantom GFORCE 3 Pro 22TB external hard drive is a behemoth of a storage solution, offering a massive 22TB capacity and boasting a 7200RPM speed. This unique combination makes it a compelling choice for content creators, photographers, and videographers who need to store and transfer large files quickly.

Unboxing and Design

     The GFORCE 3 Pro arrives in a no-frills cardboard box with the drive itself, a USB 3.0 cable, a power supply, and a stand. The drive is housed in a sleek and sturdy aluminum casing that feels built to last.

     At 3.8 inches tall and 10.8 inches wide, it has a significant footprint, but its relatively thin profile allows for horizontal or vertical placement to fit your workspace. A notable feature is the complete lack of a fan, making this drive virtually silent during operation.


     The GFORCE 3 Pro’s 7200RPM motor makes a significant difference in transfer speeds compared to standard 5400RPM drives.

     During our tests, we achieved sustained read/write speeds of around 220MB/s, which is impressive for a traditional hard drive. This translates to quicker file transfers for large video and photo files. While not nearly as fast as a solid-state drive (SSD), the GFORCE 3 Pro offers a good balance between capacity, affordability, and speed.


Capacity King

     With a whopping 22TB of storage, the GFORCE 3 Pro is a dream come true for content creators who need to archive massive amounts of data. You can store thousands of high-resolution photos, hours of 4K video footage, and extensive libraries of audio files without worrying about running out of space.


Silent But Not Sizeless

     One of the biggest advantages of the GFORCE 3 Pro is its silent operation. The lack of a fan makes it perfect for creative work environments where noise can be distracting. However, it’s important to remember that this drive’s size and weight make it less portable than smaller external drives.


Is it right for you?

     The Fantom GFORCE 3 Pro 22TB is ideal for photographers, videographers, and other content creators who need a high-capacity, fast, and quiet storage solution. The large capacity makes it a great choice for long-term archiving as well. However, if portability is a major concern and you prioritize blazing-fast transfer speeds, a smaller, SSD-based drive might be a better option.


Overall, the Fantom GFORCE 3 Pro 22TB is a solid choice for content creators seeking a balance between capacity, speed, and quiet operation.


Here are some additional points to consider:

  • The drive is formatted for NTFS for Windows PCs.
  • Fantom Drives offers a 1-year warranty on the GFORCE 3 Pro.

In conclusion, the Fantom GFORCE 3 Pro 22TB is a unique and compelling storage solution for content creators with large storage needs and a desire for quiet operation.

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