Do you know it's launch time

The Spider iG0dX
The Spider iG0dX
The Spider iG0dX


Now I just tested it. You pay, & you’re automatically given permissions & redirected to my Google drive so there should be no issues downloading.

IMPORTANT NOTE – must have a gmail for this to work .

Not to talk myself out of a sale but I’m not the greatest, and if I criticized my project, prints could’ve been a little neater. I could feel like Leonardo da Vinci with how much time I’ve put into all of this. I really could keep delaying it, perfecting it all more. — Streams are as flawless as perfection can get, I’m so happy now I could move on and just focus on streaming games / unreal engine / web stuff.

Ready for a nice long sleep now. That was a lot of work. Editing things later; this will do for now.

-I present to you over 805 files with several notepads of info & several – unreal engine- blue print -like reference pics-

Any questions/concerns…. I’m not hard to reach. It’s Extramillions, come on get with it. I’m kik , snap , I’m everywhere. Providing that consistency. I got nothing but time to stream games now/ and do my thing……….

I’m the master.

Workin' It

" I accumulated small but consistent habits that ultimately led to results that were unimaginable when I started."

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