Rough Estimate.

Power Level

Workin' It

" I accumulated small but consistent habits that ultimately led to results that were unimaginable when I started."

Temporary Twitch or whatever until VPs & Disc api is situated

Discord only free & sub members chat.

Show/movie. Chilling. Drops enabled always. Playing with viewers. I’d like a regular team to rank up with.

–<Every single month everyone that has a valid Amazon prime subscription receives a free Twitch prime sub to use. You get it every month, it doesn’t renew, you have to keep using it each time you get it again. Go to subscribe like usual & you’ll see a check mark to use your free prime.

Note <- Must make sure Discord is connected to your Twitch Acc-> otherwise when you join after subbing you won’t automatically be given the right role with proper permissions.

  • Make sure you’re signed in and don’t forget about the Amazon prime gaming rewards released daily at
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