Customer example test this 1st for your anxiety like you’re going to pay if interested.



—  Note I just noticed this – if you try to pay without having $333 in your account, it will automatically say insufficient balance; it won’t show the additional secure looking screen that I really would like everyone to see and know how official this crypto pay is..  Notice how for something as low as $1 though it will officially go thru the system only if you hit approve another time, and that is only if you officially have the proper amount too.

-Again no $1 will go thru, unless you actually have that amount in and you actually hit approve additionally on your metamask browser’s extension, it will show a mini loading – waiting on you thing and the official amounts / wallet stats.  ———- Really unsure if it will say insufficient balance if you have only 200, or that close to it, or even for this $1 pay I guess it would make sense if it said insufficient if you had absolutely 0 in account then right. — Either way it’s officially official. – Everything delivered clean.

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